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Glendale residents speak in support of Coyotes deal

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Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:38 am

Glendale’s plan to facilitate the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Matthew Hulsizer and keep the team in the city was expected to come under fire at Tuesday night’s community conversation, hosted by Mayor Elaine Scruggs.

That didn’t happen.

With unusually high interest from community members in the wake of the Goldwater Institute’s criticism of the plan, the mayor’s staff doubled the attendance cap for the meeting. While more than 70 people attended the sesssion at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Glendale, there was no outrage. In fact, nearly every resident spoke in favor of the deal.

“We trust the mayor, the council and city staff in every other aspect of the operation of Glendale, and we should trust them here,” said Gail Meyers. “It would be a giant step backward for Glendale if this deal doesn’t go through.”

Another resident, Nelson Fink, said he did not think much of the Goldwater Institute’s stance on the issue.

“How many attorneys have looked at this deal and given it the OK? And how many attorneys from the Goldwater Institute think they know better?”

The Goldwater Institute is a Phoenix watchdog group that claims the city’s hockey deal would put taxpayers at risk and illegally subsidize a private business. It is threatening to sue if Glendale enters into a deal.

Scruggs said the city is not fazed by the Goldwater Institute’s criticisms.

“The market valuation is done, and the bonds are out on the market,” she said. “You all know the ups and downs, turns and twists we’ve been through, and the council feels we have a good agreement.”

If the bonds do not sell, she said, the team is gone.

“The team will leave for Canada,” she said. “We can argue forever, but it is what it is. This is how things are done in the bond market.”

If the team does leave, Scruggs said the city will have to come up with a way to compensate for lost revenue, whether from cutting other costs or raising taxes. Scruggs even mentioned the possibility of pursuing a minor league hockey team as a replacement anchor tenant.

“We need guidance on this because we could be dealing with this in just a couple of weeks,” she said. “I cannot be more serious. We’d need to find a way to cut expenses or raise revenue.”

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  • Flames89 posted at 12:09 pm on Thu, Mar 17, 2011.

    Flames89 Posts: 3

    By the way the fact that the majority of comments are pro for the team moving says something.

  • Flames89 posted at 12:07 pm on Thu, Mar 17, 2011.

    Flames89 Posts: 3

    Why don't you guys pay me a couple hundred million dollars and I will own this team for you. Then after a few more years of failure we can FINALLY move it to Canada where it belongs. Hockey in the desert is a failure and its only Gary Bettman's pig headed stubborness that keeps this team from moving to a market where people *gasp* actually care about hockey. I have to pay hundreds of dollars for a single seat to a Calgary Flames game yet people wont attend Pheonix Jets games when the tickets are $25 or even free and include free food and drink! This is rediculous! Bring this team home!

  • Oh Canada posted at 11:34 am on Thu, Mar 17, 2011.

    Oh Canada Posts: 1

    bring the team back to where it will actualy be appreciated. the longer this team stays on life support the more it will cost the city and the NHL. if 70% of the people are in favour of keeping them then why are they not in the stands. the oilers are last place and any edmontonian is lucky to get a ticket for a game and the yotes are battling for a playoff spot and you cant 2 regular season tickets and playoff ticket for 60 dollars or something like that. its a slap in the face to winnepegers and canadiens.

    bring the team home

  • prairie storm posted at 12:40 pm on Wed, Mar 16, 2011.

    prairie storm Posts: 1

    OK, Hulsizer is buying the bankrupt Coyotes from the NHL for $170M. Glendale loans him $100M from a bond sale and will also pay him another $100M over 6 years to manage their arena. So he’s up $30M and will repay the $100M loan from parking revenue. However, if parking revenue is not sufficient to repay the loan Glendale will use sales & excise tax to repay it. Huh??

    If this deal was changed just a little & called for Hulsizer to cover the potential shortfall in parking revenue instead of Glendale, it would make a bit more sense. As it is, no wonder GWI, Glendale councillors and many others are crying foul! Glendale pays bond interest, $100M in arena management and then siphons off sales & excise tax to cover shortfalls in parking revenue! Methinks the desert heat has got to their mayor & some councillors.

  • rds9674 posted at 11:39 am on Wed, Mar 16, 2011.

    rds9674 Posts: 1

    About 70 people, out of a city of over 220,000? Way to cherry-pick! Personally, I'd like to see a poll across the city with one simple question:

    "Do you agree to the use of any municipally raised funds to support a private party's purchase of a professional sports franchise?"

  • The Jets posted at 10:31 am on Wed, Mar 16, 2011.

    The Jets Posts: 1

    Thank You


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