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Letter to the editor: Agenda 21 demonstrates short-sightedness

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Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 3:15 pm

What is Agenda 21, which was developed in l992 at a United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro? Sen. Judy Burges has developed SB l507, which prohibits local communities from adopting any component of it.  Fortunately, by going to the web at unausa.org, light is shed on what it is.  

The UN is charged with creating “a common vision” for environmentally sustainable growth. Each nation and each locality can then work in community with their neighbors to protect and develop their water, to  keep their air clean, to keep the land fertile and sustainable.   

Economic growth and well being would then be the result.  The April National Geographic has insight into a microcosm of Brazil:  the African slaves and indigenous  Indians who fled the Spanish settlers, settled in the Amazon, turning denuded land back into fertile lands through careful tending of the soil. Jumping to a larger picture, when generating  electricity in this country, the electricity goes out into a grid that works in coordination with Canada and the US, diminishing the possibility of blackouts.  On a still broader scale, air currents don’t stop at state lines, so our country works together to further clean air for anyone with lungs.

Does this state really want to become an island to itself, with no connection to other states or other countries?  Since “No man can be an island to himself,” this is a short-sighted law, which if adopted is short on understanding life on this earth, with all the localities and peoples of this world, and worse yet, does harm to life in Arizona.

Carolyn Modeen

UNA West Valley

Sun City

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