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MY VIEW: Liberals come in many different types

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Posted: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 5:00 pm

John Waddey’s recent article and letters raise many points. He states ideas about liberals that are all encompassing. I question the fairness of this.

Rev. Waddey, there are different types of liberals; just as there are different labels for conservatives. We range from moderates (which I am) to far left. I look for pragmatic solutions to the problems facing this country, this state, this county, etc. I welcome discussions with pragmatic conservatives who also want to find realistic solutions to these problems. An example of how liberals and conservatives can work together is the welfare reform package that was passed during the Clinton Administration. It had the backing from both parties, it was pragmatic and it did make major changes in how the welfare system operates. Radical liberals are just as dangerous as radical conservatives. Pragmatics from both sides need to regain control of Congress in order to try to solve the horrendous problems facing this country.

I resent the constant attacks on President Obama. While he has made mistakes, he also has a solid record of accomplishment.  The President has bent over backwards to try to work with the Republicans in Congress. They thwart him to destroy him.

I was not a fan of George W. Bush. I didn’t resent him because he was a Republican, nor because he was a conservative. President Bush promised to work with both sides of the aisle to problem solve and move our nation ahead.  He then broke that promise and left the Democrats out to hang.  Mr. Bush took the nation into one justified war and then into an unjustified one. Our wealth, not to mention the lives damaged and lost have been squandered by the many mistakes in those wars. The troops should all come home from Iraq and Afghanistan now! That would save the nation a bundle of money!

As for religion, you are tarring all liberals for the actions of a few. I know many fine liberal Christians of faith. I am not a Christian, but I know and accept many of the teachings of Jesus.  He was a great Jewish leader who was trying to reform and renew my religion at a time when his leadership was badly needed. It was Roman tyrants and a few corrupt Jewish leaders who wanted Jesus dead. I don’t accept everything that modern Christianity teaches but I have many Christian friends. I accept their right, along with everyone else’s right to practice their faith as long as they accept my right to practice my Judaism in peace.

Rev. Waddey, there are many different ways to serve God.  What works for you is different for a Hindu in India or a Buddist in China. We get to heaven in our own ways. We want the respect from you that you want from us.

You mention Islam. That religion has produced a conundrum for many of us. It is the Wahabi sect of Islam that promotes radical Jihadist Islam. As I understand it, the non-Wahabis want to live in peace with the rest of the world. They have been silenced by fear of reprisals from the militants. How true this is, I don’t know for sure.  Maybe I would feel more positive if more Muslim leaders would denounce the Jihadists.

There is a great deal of Islamic activities on college campuses.  There also are Christian and Jewish organizations on those campuses. To label all colleges as teaching brain-dead students isn’t fair. The Hillel Movement, the Anti-Defamation League, the Newman Movement and the Campus Crusade for Christ are training Jewish and Christian students to deal with radical Islamic activities on campuses.

Rev. Waddey, I believe that there needs to be some dialogue between you and those you appear to be so angry with. I may resent your words, but I respect your right to write them. I think you need to sit down and meet with some reasonable people from the other side. We aren’t the ogres that you paint us out to be.

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