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Lesko should stop trying to control all

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Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 2:30 pm

Why do people like Ms. Lesko continue to try and control others’ lives?

The truth is Proposition 205 was defeated by a mere .2 percent. Her statement that a vast majority of “her” constituents who contacted her were adamantly opposed to it is obviously unverifiable. All the other states who had it on the ballot voted to approve the measure.

The real truth is that decriminalization is about 50 years past due. Our prison system, as well as our legal system, has spent millions of dollars imprisoning people for the use of marijuana while there is never been any medical proof whatsoever that it leads to “harder drugs.” In fact, our prison system has thousands, if not millions, of documented “violent” crimes committed while under the influence of alcohol but not one committed by someone who had smoked pot. Many crimes such as domestic violence committed by individuals under the influence go unreported.

She should drive by a medical marijuana dispensary here in Sun City one weekend. She will see the people who are obtaining this “medically proven” natural healing product are the same “seniors” here in Sun City, as well as everyday Americans, that she claims are “adamantly” opposed to it. People in business suits, work clothes and golf shorts, not hippies and drug addicts patronize these businesses.

I am not writing this because I use marijuana — I don’t — but because we are tired of narrow-minded people who continue to claim to speak for all of us.

J. Dumais

Sun City

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