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  • LETTER: EPCOR increase does not address district problems

    There have been several letters and articles published in the Independent about the EPCOR wastewater rate consolidation proposed for Sun City.These articles asked Sun City residents to contact the Arizona Corporation Commission to speak out against the proposal, but none of these have actually spelled out the proposal’s economic impact in dollars and cents.The EPCOR proposal seeks to consolidate, or equalize, the wastewater processing rates charged in five wastewater processing districts managed by EPCOR. The rates charged in these five districts range from a high of $71.16 per month to a low of $22.11 per month. Sun City homeowners pay the lowest rate. If EPCOR’s request is approved, the wastewater processing rate for Sun City homeowners will be “equalized” to $41.02 per month. At the same time the rates of three of the remaining districts, where the rates are $60.33, $63.84 and $71.16 will also be “equalized” to $41.02.The increase for Sun City Residents will be $18.91 per month, an 85 percent increase, not a 54 percent increase as stated in a previous letter. This adds up to an annual increase of $277 a year.The EPCOR proposal doesn’t take into consideration why each district’s rates are so different (e.g., established community versus new development) or the economic circumstances of the districts (e.g., wage earners versus retirees). Sun City residents, most of whom live on fixed incomes, will be obligated to help pay the wastewater bills of people we do not know. Sun City will become EPCOR’s piggy bank!Don’t for a minute think that the Corporation Commission will have the best interests of Sun City residents at heart. We need to help the commissioners understand what our best interests are by contacting each of them. The Independent has published articles and letters that included the commissioners’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. A sample letter was also published.

  • LETTER: Why are RCSC officials spending the way they do

    Many readers lately seem to be expressing concerns about the way the RCSC board is spending our money.There have been many negative comments on the golf courses — both the way the money is being spent on them and the way they are being run. It has been suggested some cronyism is involved, which would not be in the best interests of the dues paying membership. It is our money and should be spent the way we want it spent.Sun City is a great place, very well taken care of, and kept up-to-date. The board has a specific duty to spend the money for the greatest benefit of the most members, and they should never spend money they don’t have to spend. Many residents feel a handful of people decide what is spent and for what. I certainly hope all of our best interests are truly being served.When I see in the Independent news reports of the money being spent on replacing things, the same two thoughts always come to my mind. Did we replace that AC unit or roof because it was broken or leaking, or just because it is getting old, the money is there and now is a convenient time? I also wonder if the contractors see Sun City as a cash cow. We seem to pay top dollar for everything.This board raised our fees last year $12 per home, which is more than $275,000, if my calculations are correct. This year they purchased a $750,000 building off Grand Avenue “because it was such a good deal.” We apparently had an extra $750,000 in cash laying around that wasn’t needed for its’ original purpose while they raised our fees. They could have delayed the $12 increase a full three years with this money — and they originally asked for more. No doubt this building will have to be extensively remodeled when they tell us the real reason it was purchased. The membership is not growing so why do we need more space?Now I see in the Sunviews we have $1.1 million more than planned available in the PIF fund. How about a refund on our fees? It seems the board operates under the practice of purposely asking for more than they need and then they seem to spend the entire budget every year. It is time to find a better way to manage what we have with the money available rather than continually asking for more. A $500 per year rec fee is right around the corner and some of us don’t have any more money available.

  • LETTER: Reader worried about wrong candidate

    I wish to comment on an article written by a reader (“Clinton is not honest enough for president,” Sun City Independent, Aug. 17, 2016).The writer stated, “Crooked Hillary took millions of dollars from foreign nations for the Clinton Foundation.” After two paragraphs of Clinton bashing, she went on to state, “This is very dangerous for the safety of our nation.” After gibber gabbering about malicious gossip regarding FBI investigations, monies given to Iran, the impeachment of Bill Clinton and other absurd untruths, it is apparent your reader was given unverified information over the backyard fence, or maybe in the walking path at the rec center pool.Then she went on to state that Donald Trump wants to build a wall across the entire width of our bordering states along the Mexican border to protect our U.S. citizens. Trump has said that this wall would be paid for by Mexico. This idea was already rejected by the Mexican president.The one to worry about as president of our country is the hot headed blow hard with the bottle blonde comb-over!Joe ComitoSun City

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